Supportiv was featured in a Romper article exploring the connection between parenting attitudes and behaviors and children’s anxiety levels.

Helena Plater-Zyberk, the co-founder of Supportiv, comments on parenting styles that create anxiety in kids:

  • having a controlling parenting style
  • being overly worried about the future
  • worrying about what others think
  • failing to teach self-soothing
  • not encouraging socialization
  • making all the decisions for your child
  • being neglectful
  • being unpredictable
  • and oversharing your problems with your child

Helena mentions that parents’ issues “can burden children with emotional baggage that they cannot fully understand or process, leading to anxiety.”

This means that parents can deal with their own emotional and mental roadblocks, as a means of reducing their children’s anxiety.

However, we know personal work can cause stress on its own. Do some research on reducing your anxiety, and stay motivated by remembering the impact it will make on your child.

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