In a recent article on passive suicidal ideation, Refinery29 lists Supportiv as a resource for those who can’t or don’t want to access traditional therapy.

People experiencing passive suicidal ideation are likely to get “lost in the cracks” of the current mental health system. As one option to bridge this gap, the article suggests folks seek out alternatives when they “have no one talk to about how they’re feeling.”

It’s important to note that, when you’re not in active danger of hurting yourself, talking about these feelings can help. “Studies have shown that asking someone if they’re thinking about harming themselves doesn’t ‘put the idea into their head’ or goad them into action — but it might provide a much-needed release valve.”

You’re not broken for experiencing passive suicidal ideation. Just like talking about it won’t make it any worse, ignoring it also won’t make it any better.

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