Supportiv has just come out with a collection of new articles on relieving stress, which focuses on commiseration, connection, and release through relatable humor.

Co-Founder, Helena Plater-Zyberk explains in a recent press release why everyone needs stress relief: “Stress accumulates easily when we ignore parts of our lives or ourselves. Holding in emotions allows them to build on each other. So when we stop addressing personal sources of stress, we invite feelings like depression, anxiety, or burnout.”

Pouria Mojabi, Co-Founder, elaborates: “On the other hand, when we see our struggles in a relatable, funny, or at least manageable light, we can grapple with them more effectively. “

These resources “help people see reflections of their own struggles in others – to show how helpful it is to not feel alone.”

The articles provide resources and walkthroughs to relieve stress from different sources.

Topics include skills to keep up with daily life, how to connect more authentically, getting to know your sexuality better, determining the impact of your dysfunctional family, and harnessing laughter to feel better.

Browse the collection to relieve stress and feel a little better about life.

And to take your game a step further, conquer your stress by getting it off your chest, with Supportiv.