Our co-founder, Helena Plater-Zyberk, was recently featured in a Brit + Co article on ways to tell the always-strongest one in your friend group now needs help or extra love and attention. 

These signs include:

  • They’re maxing out on work to ignore everything else.
  • They haven’t opened up in a while.
  • You’ve haven’t seen them in ages. This is the point Helena emphasizes. Removing themselves from social situations also removes them from any questions or situations that could trigger the pain, so not showing up to your parties could be a sign that they are hurting.
  • Something major is happening in their life.
  • They physically look different.
  • Their social media is way too perfect and happy!

This friend has constantly been your rock, and this article goes into detail on ways you can help them. Go to https://www.brit.co/how-to-support-your-strong-friend/ to check out the full article and learn how to be there for them, like they’ve always been there for you!