There seems to be an app for absolutely everything these days. Some of those apps, like your bank app or the website where your grades come out, stress you out to no end.

Supportiv strives to be an app, unlike the others, where people can safely connect over their common life struggles.

How Supportiv Is Different

This service helps fight the depression and anxiety social media is correlated with by offering an app where you can talk and relate with others.

Social connections increase happiness and lead to better health, but sometimes they are not a viable option. People turn to social media to fill that void, but posting on Facebook or Snapchat does not always help.

Talking about whatever you are struggling with can be a great way to ease the burden. Connecting with like-minded peers, we also get to relate to others who are going through similar things.

How Supportiv Works

At Supportiv, users are anonymously matched with peers based on the topic and emotions on their mind.

Connecting to people with similar struggles can be a great way to talk about how you feel, hear thoughts from others on how they cope, and provide your own advice to people who are struggling. (Self-care works better when you can help others in the process!)

Each conversation also has a moderator that can provide tailored support, relevant content, and resources on whatever you need.

Everything is anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about any stigma. You can just talk freely about any struggle you might be facing.

The app is accessible 24/7 on your phone, so you can use it whenever you want. Supportiv is also fiscally feasible.

After your free first 24 hours, it is mere cents a minute, and you only pay for what you use – $5.99 for a half hour, or $17.99 for an entire month of 24/7 support.

Supportiv is a tool to draw out your best self from hiding.

We are a whole community of awaiting peers you’ll be instantly comfortable with. Everything written is confidential, so you are welcome to discuss anything and collaboratively problem solve with people matched to you.

An accessible moderator is also available with plenty of resources and ideas. Supportiv will take your concerns seriously – we will always be there to have a conversation with you.