Supportiv has just been featured as a go-to for anxiety, in Arianna Huffington’s health and wellness publication, Thrive Global.

The author of the piece, titled “3 Things To Do Right Now If You Have Anxiety,” recommends steps people can easily take when anxiety strikes:

  1. Think about how, when, and where you actually do feel calm. Strive to make those situations a bigger part of your life;
  2. Knock just one small item off your to-do list; and
  3. Talk to someone without fear of judgement, at an online chat like Supportiv.

The Thrive Global author explains why they turn to a service like Supportiv: “Your identity stays anonymous, and you can reach out 24/7.”

They also suggest one more quality you need in an online emotional support chat: “Just make sure you go somewhere that’s troll-free, so you don’t end up feeling worse.”

Supportiv certainly fits that bill! You won’t find trolls, abusive language, or shaming culture in our chats.

Feel free to see for yourself what all the buzz is about – your first 24 hours are free, and if you like it, we’re the most affordable alternative to therapy out there.