As a panelist, Supportiv CEO Helena Plater-Zyberk discusses the state of digital health since the COVID-19 pandemic, in the context of a recent survey conducted by Wipfli and The Catalyst @ Health 2.0.

In a blog post about the webinar, The Catalyst @ Health 2.0 co-chairman and founder of The Healthcare Blog, Matthew Holt, describes the aforementioned survey on the state of digital health:

“Between Thanksgiving 2020 and mid-March 2021, we surveyed more than 300 members of the digital health ecosystem, focusing on leaders from more than 180 private (and a few public) digital health companies. We asked them about their market, their experience during COVID-19, and what they thought of the environment. We also asked them about the mechanics of running their businesses. The results are pretty interesting.”

The survey reveals insights on growth, staffing, product usage, data security, and more, in light of the receding pandemic.

The webinar’s “key message” is also summarized in the blog post: after a brief crash during the pandemic’s initial uncertainty, it quickly became clear that digital health companies have a bigger role to play than ever. As such, most digital health companies have become more optimistic about the market, despite continued competition.

Watch the webinar above, or read the blog post recap here.