On his “Mental Health Today” podcast, Ken Stearns of The Jar Foundation sits down with Supportiv CEO Helena Plater-Zyberk to discuss “a new kind of lifeline”: online, anonymous peer support.

The Mental Health Today podcast “aims to raise awareness about mental health and provide a platform for experts in the field to discuss solutions that can improve access to care, reduce the cost burden, and combat the stigma associated with mental illness.”

The discussion between Plater-Zyberk and Stearns covers broad ground, but ultimately revolves around peer support. The two discuss popular perceptions of what peer support means and who those perceptions may exclude. For instance: contrary to popular belief, peer support isn’t just about grief support groups or addiction recovery.

They also expose how peer support can be made more inclusive – which is one of Supportiv’s main goals, allowing individuals to come chat about daily life struggles in a safe, moderated format. Anonymity, 24/7 availability, and a lack of forms and assessments further contribute to the sense of inclusion and accessibility at Supportiv.

We all deserve support, and we all deserve to feel we can access it without our struggles being used against us.

As Ken Stearns summarizes: “Helena Plater-Zyberk’s episode explores how Supportiv’s approach to peer support can bridge gaps in mental health services and create a more empathetic and supportive society. This innovative platform places an emphasis on trust, anonymity, and personalized resources, making it accessible to those seeking help in various aspects of their lives.”