Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi has penned an in-depth exploration of how chatbots became part of the mental health conversation, and how and why we can return to the key human elements of care.

“Now more than ever, it’s important for us all to stay interested and engaged in the trajectory of health tech – especially in the realm of mental health. While chatbots have collectively secured over $110M in funding, there are nuances as to why they aren’t an ideal solution.”

– Pouria Mojabi

In this article, Pouria clarifies why mental health chatbots fall short of their lofty goals; why we turned to these non-human tools for very human struggles in the first place; and how we can center real, person-to-person connections at population scale, without relying on bots to deliver care.

“In short: We turned to chatbots in MH because our social networks and care systems are failing. Introducing a more meaningful fix: Supportiv… We connect users to compassionate, human-centered support in less than 30 seconds. Available 24/7. Supportiv is anonymous with deep attention to user privacydata and ethics.”

– Pouria Mojabi

Curiosity piqued? Check out the full story on how Supportiv answers the chatbot issue, and how AI can empower–rather than replace–human care. Full article on Medium.

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