Oprah Magazine has featured Supportiv in a piece on boosting your energy without caffeine.

Supportiv’s own Helena Plater-Zyberk gives advice on how to feel instantly re-energized – by getting tough emotions off your chest, instead of stifling them.

The article, by Samantha Lefave, names emotional baggage as a drain on physical energy, and recommends regularly venting to peers as one of the key ways to increase your energy.

In the piece, Supportiv Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk shares why letting it out is so important:

“Venting means ‘you won’t have to spend as much mental and physical energy stifling your emotions, and you’ll get a happiness boost from feeling understood,’ Plater-Zyberk says. Win-win!”

Read the full article here, and vent in an understanding place–right now, 100% anonymously. You’ll feel lighter and more able to take on what you want to.