Leading health technology news outlet MedCity News talks with our Supportiv co-founder about how companies are responding to employees’ strained mental health in the COVID-19 era–and how Supportiv is playing a vital role.

Acknowledging that mental health plays into physical health, companies are now seeking solutions to help their employees manage their mental health and get the support they need.

Those who have never struggled with mental wellness may be facing unfamiliar overwhelm, uncertainty, depression, and anxiety during coronavirus isolation. As such, employee wellbeing for American companies is at an all-time peak of fragility right now, and employers want to remedy the situation.

Helena Plater-Zyberk, Supportiv’s co-founder, shares: “We’re getting a lot of inquiries on how fast we can mobilize to serve new populations.”

What new struggles are employees facing after the outbreak of coronavirus? The full article covers which struggles Supportiv-served employees need most help with: “Since the beginning of March, the platform has seen a spike in topics related to Covid-19, including concerns about chronic conditions, caregiving, job security and being separated from their families and friends.”

Supportiv helps employees on the platform by directing them into groups where others share their struggles. Here, users open up in an anonymous space about what’s on their mind, receiving validation and support, along with helpful resources on their specific situation.

Supportiv lets individuals talk about their struggles, in a place where they don’t feel alienated or judged due to their worries. Right now, COVID is a main topic of conversation amongst Supportiv users, complicating other longstanding individual struggles.

For instance, shares Plater-Zyberk: “Hopelessness and helplessness are two words that keep coming up…People who have chronic conditions are extremely worried that their care will be curtailed. That’s causing an extreme amount of stress.”

The COVID-19 outbreak has reduced our ability to go without the human connection our bodies need. And thankfully, American companies are awakening to this fact, with Supportiv’s help.

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