Supportiv’s social media intern, Jasmine Cheng, has just penned a thoughtful Medium article on the woes (and pros) of social media!

As a seventeen year old, Jasmine has spent most of her life surrounded by technology. She explains in her piece the negatives of social media on mental wellness, which include social media addiction, comparing yourself to others, cyberbullying, and more. She then takes a positive twist on her argument by explaining the good she’s seen at Supportiv. As our social media intern, she has spent the summer reaching out to people on every social media platform you can think of, explaining that she “can reach people from everywhere, targeting the ones who are looking for the exact kind of info I’m sharing.” Communication through social media is instantaneous, and a lot of good can come from it.

At the end of the day, Jasmine encourages us to find a balance between the negatives and positives of social media. We hope everyone checks out her article at!