In Entrepreneur Magazine, Hayden Field features Supportiv as a cutting-edge AI tool, improving how we deal with emotions — each others’ and our own.

Field discusses how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help people tap into, assess, and work with emotions.

While the other tools featured mainly help businesses, Supportiv’s goal is different. Supportiv helps regular people “take on daily mental health struggles such as work stress, anxiety, loneliness and conflicts with loved ones.”

Of the four tools profiled, Supportiv is the only one consumers can already use in daily life.

“Seconds after a user answers Supportiv’s primary question — ‘What’s your struggle?’ — they’re sorted into an anonymous, topic-specific peer support group.” The author’s description covers how simple using Supportiv is.

There’s a coral button at the top of the site, where users can click to “Chat Now.” Users simply type what they’re struggling with, and AI magic connects them with others who will get it.

Read the full article covering Supportiv’s cutting-edge use of AI to help people connect, here.