Together with Psych Hub, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership, supporting widespread access to helpful, high-quality mental health information.

Psych Hub Partners are “organizations that have committed to the well being of their communities, colleagues and peers,” and Supportiv is proud to be part of the bunch.

With the partnership, Supportiv users now have access to specially curated Psych Hub content, providing helpful tips for a wide range of issues.

In Supportiv chats, expect to receive precision resource recommendations for your specific struggle. Featured Psych Hub videos are short, sweet, and speak to:

  • young caregivers
  • COVID-19 and violence in the home
  • supporting a loved one who doesn’t want help
  • guided meditation for times of stress
  • unwanted memories
  • elder abuse
  • medical providers and compassion fatigue
  • grief
  • coping with job loss
  • major depression
  • and many more diverse topics

Click “Chat Now” to join a realtime peer support chat, with other people going through similar struggles. Feel heard, understood, and supported, while receiving helpful video, article, and worksheet recommendations to take action and feel better.