Clinical psychologist Dr. Alejandro Martinez, PhD, Stanford University’s Executive Director of Threat Assessment, has joined Supportiv’s Advisory Board.

For over 30 years, Dr. Martinez has served the Stanford University mental health system, including 17 years managing the mental health services program.

He’s developed or overseen seven university courses on peer counseling; and designed and presented programs on threat assessment and management, conflict resolution, listening skills, cross-cultural communication, communication in relationships, self-care in high stress environments, stress management, procrastination, personal transitions, academic and family pressures, alcohol consumption, and overcoming psychological barriers. An absolute expert on peer support, if there ever was one.

As the Associate Dean of Students (until January 2020), Dr. Martinez taught the prerequisite course for student peer counselors at the Stanford University Bridge Peer Counseling Center. He has now accepted a position as Stanford University’s Executive Director of Threat Assessment.

He also serves as the advisor to the Bridge Center, as a lecturer for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education, as the Chair of the university’s threat assessment team, and as a curriculum creator and lecturer on peer counseling for one of China’s top universities.

In addition, Dr. Martinez is a QPR Gatekeeper Instructor Master Trainer for the QPR Institute, a national suicide prevention training program.

Co-founders Helena Plater-Zyberk and Pouria Mojabi share their excitement to have Dr. Martinez on board:

“In Dr. Martinez we found an advisor who shares our commitment to scalable, affordable, globally accessible peer support. His impact has been immediate, as he oversees Supportiv team members, creating training modules for our moderators to master peer support facilitation skills. We are thrilled with all the ways he will continue to add to our Supportiv community.”

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