At Supportiv, you can talk to people who understand what you’re going through. We get it, and we won’t make you wait.

First, type in your thought – what you’re dealing with or the emotions you’re feeling.

Then, that’s it. You’re connected to someone else who gets it. All in under 90 seconds.

No Trolls, Robots, or Personal Info

Unlike other companies, who think support comes in cut and paste platitudes, or auto-generated comfort, we know that quality support comes from people who have been there.

While other companies may use technology like AI to understand you as a consumer (your behavior, what makes you stick around, etc.), Supportiv uses AI to understand your struggle and who you’ll feel best talking to. That’s it.

You choose your own display name. And it doesn’t matter as much anyway, because you won’t be judged by those you’re matched with – they’re going through similar things.

SXSW® Pitch-Winning Service

Supportiv was honored to win first place in the Social and Culture category at SXSW® 2019. It’s a promising solution to pressing problems in our society.

The award-winning chat provides quality support quicker and cheaper than our society’s go-to mental health resources, and that has the potential to create a revolutionary change in how we handle our problems — especially while we wait longer and longer for bogged-down institutional care.

Cheaper Than Any Therapy Alternative

Supportiv is free for the first 24 hours, and after that, still way cheaper than alternatives.

At 5.99 per half hour, you pay only 20 cents per minute of personalized support.

If you choose an entire month of 24/7 Supportiv access, your $17.99 works out to less than 60 cents per day. Imagine having mental health support you could go to, anytime of day or night, paying less than a dollar per day. This level of affordability exists nowhere else.

Support On Your Schedule: 24/7

Aside from being unbelievably cheap, Supportiv is also constantly accessible. Let out your frustration about depression, anxiety, family drama, whenever it’s specifically bothering you.

No need to remember things until your next therapy appointment. Just let it out, and feel supported exactly when you need it. Don’t wait to get it off your chest.