As the nation’s educators continue to stretch past their breaking points, Supportiv offers teachers one month of free anonymous peer support through the end of the year.

Before the pandemic, “85 percent of teachers reported that work-life imbalance was affecting their ability to teach.” Since the pandemic began, that number is up to a whopping 95% according to some sources. If teachers are too stressed to teach, then no one wins.

The uncertainty weighing on our nation’s educators

Nobody knows what to expect as this school year plays out. We don’t know what will happen politically, economically, or with the virus. So whatever your plans are, plan for them to change.

Re-define rest and get support

In lieu of making plans, teachers should encourage themselves to take breaks and rest, so they can continue rolling with the punches.

Rest isn’t just napping or watching TV. Often, the best rest consists of restorative activities like nourishing yourself or productively venting about what’s on your mind.

We know teachers are pressed for time and energy, so it may not be possible to set up regular coffee or phone dates with friends. That’s why Supportiv is making its anonymous, 24/7 on-demand peer support chats free to teachers through the end of the year.

You may not be able to rant regularly on the phone with trusted, helpful friends; but you can definitely find time for 15 minutes of productive venting in a peer support chat. Any time of day or night, understanding peers are online and ready to engage with what you’re going through.

This upcoming school year will take stamina if nothing else. To recharge your batteries, teachers can each receive one month of free, 24/7 on-demand peer support using the code TEACHERS, through the end of 2021.

Thank you, teachers, for continuing to do all you do. Click “Chat Now” and enter the code TEACHERS to start chatting with supportive folks in less than a minute. You deserve to feel heard.