Well+Good interviewed Supportiv’s CEO Helena Plater-Zyberk for an article on curbing election anxiety prior to the stressful 2020 US elections.

While many have found themselves glued to the news, our Supportiv co-founder suggested that news be consumed around other more healthy and relaxing activities. In order to balance our “inner calm,” Helena suggested “read or watch the news for 15 minutes and then take a long walk so you balance a possible spike in anxiety with something that has the opposite effect.”

The 2020 election has also fallen in one of the most globally distressing years to date. With now virtually everyone knowing someone who has contracted COVID, many Americans have found themselves more worried and isolated than ever before. 

The ability to self-soothe has become even more important. By noting our inner state, we can react accordingly by listening to calming music or connecting with folks online using a platform such as Supportiv. 

While it is important to stay informed, one must remember that the news is sensationalized and geared towards the negative as a means to sustain one’s attention. Election coverage is unfortunately no different, with reports highlighting often the most emotionally triggering statements by both parties. 

Fortunately, by reminding ourselves that we have the option to choose what we engage with, we can empower ourselves by prioritizing our own emotional well-being above the need to “doomscroll” through the stressful political discourse.