You might have a Facebook, an Instagram, or a Snapchat. Maybe you even have group chats, group snaps, and group video kickbacks. That’s amazing! Have you ever wondered, though, what exactly IS a community?

Are the people in your project group chat a community? What about your friends who comment on your Instagram posts?

Sometimes, you might be struggling with something in life and want the same love and support from your peers. It is completely normal to feel timid about sharing your struggles with your friends. You might feel like no one else feels the same way you do, or you may want to keep your feelings anonymous.

That is where Supportiv comes in! Because Supportiv is an anonymous support network, you can feel safe expressing your emotions. Even better, Supportiv is specifically designed to foster a community that shares and empathizes with your struggles.

So, whether you feel like you’re wrestling with some difficult emotions or simply feel like chatting with others, you can always be sure that the Supportiv community will be here to make you feel heard and validated.