Surviving 2020 was a feat of resiliency, and 2021 will continue to challenge us emotionally and physically. To ring in the New Year, Women’s Health Magazine outlined the top health trends, highlighting Supportiv as an affordable option for group peer support. 

While the routines we developed last year may still serve us well, it is always refreshing to try out new self-care techniques to see if they should be added to our self-care regime. To assist with this, the article covered five areas of women’s wellness, including beauty, health, mind, food, and fitness. Suggestions ranged from regulating one’s sleep schedule to eating pre-dinner fiber and utilizing mental health platforms. 

A holistic approach to ensuring one’s overall wellness is key. As many of us remain in lockdown, maintaining a relaxing environment can enhance our mood while we reach out for peer support.  

While we may not know how 2021 will unfold, we can focus on the present, ensuring that we feel safe and supported for whatever the year has in store for us. After months of isolation, it is more important, now more than ever, to connect with like-minded peers, and be honest with exactly how we feel. 

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