Zenefits has featured Supportiv as an example of how teams can prepare for a return to the office, post-lockdown. In the face of society’s (attempted) return to normal, employers in all kinds of fields are wondering how best to reintegrate their in-person teams.

Whether it’s worries about safety, social anxiety, concerns about productivity, or just awkwardness from months apart, a post-lockdown world poses challenges to in-person teams.

However, our era of temporary, home office isolation broke our attachment to longstanding norms. The peak of the pandemic showed us how flexible work really can be; so how can employers make the most of this opportunity to start new and effective workplace routines?

Zenefits’ recent article aims to answer this question, by providing real-world examples from teams who have successfully implemented new workplace norms. Supportiv’s team is just one of a number, who have found ways to solve the unique hurdles of post-pandemic office life.

Read about the Supportiv team’s “non-meetings,” and other ideas in the full article, here.