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meeting everyone else here made me feel so much better


It helped me realize a lot of things that I hadn’t previously thought about. I feel like maybe now that I understand why I’m like this I can work towards getting better. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have hope.


"I feel so much better, I really appreciate the moderator, how they spoke with me and all the resources they gave to help me."


I feel a lot better I’ve meet some amazing people in the chat


literally made me feel 100000x better. it was worth it i was crumbling man


"very nice, didn’t judge and overall even if I don’t feel 100% better I do feel better than when I came in."


i feel really really better! thank you for boosting my self esteem


Yes it was great talking to someone who cares!


Thank you for giving me a space to talk about how I feel. I feel better now.


I don't feel alone anymore


I feel much better and I am no longer stressed about going back to school online.


I'm glad I was able to vent to this group. Everyone had good ideas and resolutions to help me.


"very good in listening and made me feel heard and understood. Despite we talked about a sensitive topic such as romance and religion, they made me feel safe and not gonna be judged. I felt a lot better and my mind is now clear about what to do with my life."


It helped me a lot and I’m happy now


this conversation made me feel much better about my worries. Couldn’t have asked for better. stress-free and now going to educate myself about important topics!

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