This isn’t therapy. We love therapists, and therapy offers many benefits. (But, it’s not right for everyone). This also is not a place to receive a diagnosis or treat anyone’s mental health. We call what we’re doing Mental Wellness.

Many everyday life struggles—relationship issues, work conflicts, parenting challenges, family drama—are the kind of stuff you’d talk to your friends and family about. Except, for whatever reason, it feels better not to go down that path.

Connecting with peers going through the same life struggle has been proven as useful, and often more effective than therapy, in dozens of clinically-validated research studies.

Supportiv is *better* than real-life peer support—easier to access, more precise, and quicker to help. It’s what we call Precision Peer Support™.

We’ve created a place where it’s safe to open up. Safe to be vulnerable. Where common bonds form easily over thoughts and feelings that are risky to share in real-life. Perhaps we all move a little closer to stronger human connections in real-life too, as it becomes less and less scary to be vulnerable. With Supportiv, you’re always just a few taps away from the best examples of human compassion.

Anonymous & Secure

Conversations are completely confidential. Your identity is anonymous. You don't have to enter any personal information, ever.


Our trained moderators guide 100% troll-free conversations and make spot-on recommendations to help you feel better.

Always There

Users like you are connecting in our groups around the clock, which means support is available to you anytime.


It's not just talking. We'll also suggest articles, videos, podcasts, and services to help you get through the struggle.