When your daily mantra has become, “I’m so lonely,” you need to do something to get out of the rut! So see if any of the following 6 tips speak to you.

You deserve not to feel lonely. If none of these suggestions work for you, there are always understanding folks to talk to, any time of day, here.

1. Start talking to strangers.

Talking to strangers (e.g. barista, bus driver, etc) has the anxiety-reducing benefit of being relatively low-stakes and consequence-free.

If you see the same barista, fellow commuter, or bus driver every day (even a couple times a week), you could start to smile. Then, if they seem friendly, start saying hi, and see where things go!

If nothing else, you will have at least tried to connect with this person you see so often.

And if you’re really bold, you could start striking up conversation with any stranger around – the person selling you groceries, or someone random on your morning walk.

2. Teach something that excites you.

Teach something to your family, at your local community center, or by throwing a “PowerPoint Party“! You could also make a YouTube video, or ask a friend to do a “hobby exchange.”

You can teach a cool way you found to do an ordinary thing, or maybe how to do a hobby of yours. Or, share the history of some topic you can’t get enough of. When you’re interested, you become interesting, and others can pick up on that.

3. Become active in the comments of your favorite Youtube channels.

There’s a great feeling of community to be found in those with similar interests to yours. It can be a channel devoted to hobbies like sports commentary or cooking videos; or it can be something quirky and plain awesome like cat videos or ASMR.

Try putting your thoughts out there, and you may be surprised to find connection amongst the other fans of a channel! You could even start by throwing up a comment: “I’m so lonely.”

Maybe someone will relate, and you might bond over your shared interest and experience. (You can also bypass the public nature of YouTube comments by sharing here.)

4. Try online peer support.

Speaking of finding connection with like-minded people: if you’d prefer to connect over what you’re going through, rather than things around you, anonymous online chats at Supportiv can be a good place to turn.

5. Meet people while doing something you love.

You’ll get a confidence boost in the knowledge that you share a unique interest, and that melts the ice faster than anything!

6. Find your nearest animal shelter and enjoy some non-human company.

What’s the best antidote to the “I’m so lonely helpppp” feeling? Puppies. Cats, birds, snakes, rats. Whatever floats your boat. There are shelters in almost every county, many of which need volunteers to make sure animals get the right care.

That’s where you come in! Get some company while feeling a sense of purpose, and find a shelter near you. Call or email to ask about volunteer opportunities – or check their website for more information.