If you’re single around this time of year, Valentine’s Day can be a bit obnoxious. Everywhere you go, from the grocery store to the doctor’s office, pink, red and purple decorations highlight your single status. You may start to feel down or question why you aren’t in a relationship.

Am I The Only One?

Despite how lonely you might feel, you’re part of a big group of lonely people on Valentine’s Day. 44% of people in the USA over the age of 18 are unmarried. It may be tempting to beat yourself up over your single status, but don’t give in! Relationships come and go, but your happiness and self-worth isn’t defined by you partnering up. So while it feels less-than-great to be alone on the couples’ holiday, at least there’s nothing wrong with you for flying solo.

Why Do I Feel Lonely?

We as humans desire companionship with others. We use our personal connections to thrive and grow. Studies show that individuals who have a strong social support network report being happier and healthier than those who feel lonely.

That being said, searching for a last minute partner, or “the one,” in time for Valentine’s Day will probably backfire. Instead of desperately searching for a date, read some tips on making it a great day for yourself below.

Spending Time Alone

Treat Yourself

Try some self-improvement routines you’ve been putting off. This could involve taking a warm shower or getting a clean shave. Whatever makes you feel confident in your own skin!

Catch Up On Shows/Work

While you do have free time, make up for your lost time! Time to binge watch shows that have piled up or knock out a few work projects. You can even re-organize your room to feel refreshed and accomplished.

Try Something New

Work on yourself by going outside of your comfort zone. You can try a cooking class or baking brownies for the first time!

Be Alone, Together

Talk Through The Struggle

Instead of sitting alone when you’re feeling down, reach out and chat with friends! You can catch up on old times and laugh about old memories. Or, even more helpful, you can share in each others’ stories and feelings from the single life – and you might realize that you don’t have to feel alone, just because you’re ‘single.’

Watch A Movie

Consider watching a movie together, like a comedy, and order in some food. You’ll distract yourself, get in some laughs, and interacting with your friend will be even easier when sharing something you both like. By spending quality time together, you strengthen your support system!

The takeaway: Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, keep a positive attitude and reach out to your friends if you feel down! And if your old friends are far away or partnered up, you can always find people to share your experience with at Supportiv.