When a friend feels depressed, pessimistic, or numb, you can help support them without words – with support memes.

The Internet provides a treasure trove of wholesome memes to lift a friend’s spirits (even if it’s just a little chuckle). Sometimes their circumstances can’t change, so a little distraction would be nice. That might be true for your friend – or even for you.

When you can barely enjoy life, wholesome memes swoop in to lighten things up!

And if you’re just looking for someone to listen, find an understanding chat room here, 24/7.

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Appreciate your improvement. Regretting past mistakes doesn’t help!


We can all dream of a wholesome friendship like Arthur and Buster’s…


When humanity fails you, dogs are forever supportive.


(So are the people in Supportiv’s peer support chats…!)

You will get over self-hatred *one day*


Even if not a real hug….


Word hugs work too!

Feeling unlovable?


There are always people out there to make you feel loved and understood!

Growing, minus the pains…


Others want to help you feel safe and loved, so you can grow! Wholesome memes do reflect reality – even if it’s the parts of the world we don’t see as often.

Sounds a little like venting here


When you want to help others avoid pain…


Treating others as you’d like to be? Instant karma.

When you’re getting down on yourself, remember:


If your parents put a mean internal voice in your head, consider re-parenting yourself.

It’s OK not to be dating. There are other really healthy kinds of love…like self love!


Finally, what if these support memes for friends aren’t enough?

Supporting your friends is so important, even if it’s just with memes to cheer them up. However, it can be hard for some people to open up to their friends, or those who know them in real life. If that’s the case, you may choose to share a safe, anonymous tool for them to use: the anonymous peer support chats at Supportiv.

No trolls, no bots, just support for whatever you’re going through (when wholesome memes alone don’t do the trick).

Chat with people who know how it feels, here.