In these uncertain and isolated times, connection is more important than ever. The Coronavirus Crisis illustrates the power and necessity of interdependence, as we’re all going through very similar struggles at once.

Even if we have been through something similar, we still may not know the best way to help someone else. That’s what these practical guides are for.

Assisting someone else in need can help you cope and get some distance from your own worries when necessary. And if you’ve got a good handle on your own COVID-19 stress, now is a good time to pay it forward.

Right now, if you can, try to help someone else, whether a friend, coworker, partner, or family member however possible. But make sure your own needs are also met, first.

Supportiv Co-Founder, Pouria Mojabi, summarizes how to help when you might be struggling, too: “With two pretty simple skills, you can help others more effectively and reduce any personal anxiety and fatigue.

The first is building your own resilience. Providing support can be draining when we haven’t developed the right skills to support someone else in a healthy, sustainable way. Resilience involves assessing a solution in a solution-oriented light, which can help us be better supporters to others.

“The second skill is to really consider what’s helpful to this person in this situation. Our opinion on a friend’s struggle doesn’t matter, because we are not the ones living it. We can only give support, understanding, and patience to those we’d like to help. Often, that’s exactly what folks need.”

After you’ve addressed your own coping skills and resilience, find tips and things to keep in mind when helping with another’s specific struggle, below.

How-To-Help topics include:

How To Help A Healthcare Worker During the COVID19 Crisis: Share Free Support

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