Healthcare workers are our society’s fundamental support system, already experiencing burnout at an unsustainable rate. With COVID-19 reaching pandemic proportions, those at the frontline deserve our support, more than ever. 

Whether you’re a physician, nurse, tech, assistant, facilities or staff member, EMT, pharmacist or mental health professional, Supportiv | The Support Network is prepared to help ease your stress burden with 24/7 immediate emotional support, available digitally from anywhere, with all fees 100% waived

How? Just use the code FRONTLINE at

According to the WHO, “COVID-19 can’t be stopped without safeguarding health workers.” Safeguarding health workers means protecting both physical and mental well-being because emotional stress depletes the immune system.

Healthcare workers, we see you! 

You may understandably be feeling anxious, fearful, angry, or frustrated. The healthcare system wants to support you in doing your jobs and in staying healthy, but given the scale and rapid growth of the pandemic, there are challenges. Yet, you continue to care for COVID-19 patients, despite the risk to your own lives and families. You and your loved ones deserve more than basic treatment and testing.

Some of you are staying in hotels to avoid exposing others. You are cut off from your personal support systems. You may feel pressured to work even if you become sick. Maybe you have too much financial stress to stay home, or don’t know how you’ll take care of your kids

As the virus spreads and worsens, we recognize that healthcare workers will have to make tough calls on who gets testing, care, equipment, beds, etc. You will be breaking bad news to families. These are moral and emotional burdens that are no fault of your own.

While your own personal support systems and ability to self-care are disrupted, and while you sacrifice your own wellbeing to insure all of ours, we want you to know: 

It is NOT selfish to feel tired of taking care of people. 

It is NOT selfish to feel drained by being so responsible. 

It is NOT selfish to want to get your negative emotions off your chest. 

When you feel this way, it is our turn to support YOU.

Experts say when you’re in a situation you can’t change, talking or even “complaining” about it may be your next best bet. Amy Cooper Hakim, PhD, explains the significance of productive complaining:

“Complaining is healthy when the issue is bothering you so much that you cannot sleep or think straight. We shouldn’t cover up a physical pain and avoid…help. Similarly, we shouldn’t ignore something that is causing us emotional distress, especially if addressing the issue can bring us comfort.”

We’re a peer support network, where people support each other via chat, instantaneously. We match you with people who specifically understand your struggle. Your identity is completely anonymous, and we operate without judgement. Trolls are prevented from sidelining our chats because professionally trained moderators guide each conversation, live. You’ll just get the appreciation and validation you need to continue carrying this burden on behalf of the entire population, who’s relying on you.

More than just venting and feeling heard, Supportiv will also provide you coping tools and resources to get you through stressful times. You’ll find breathing techniques, step-by-step exercises, and other ways to manage your stress so you can maintain your emotional and physical health.

Please, dump what you’re feeling on us! The entire Supportiv global peer support team cares about you and is trained and ready to help you! 

Healthcare workers, here’s what to do:

1. Go to and click “Chat Now”

2. When you see “What’s your struggle?” just blurt out “coronavirus” or “COVID-19″ or anything on your mind to be matched with peers in the same boat. 

3. Use the code FRONTLINE for all fees to be 100% waived for you. 

You’re everybody else’s support system. Now, more than ever, we’re here to be yours.