Supportiv, the peer-to-peer network for mental, emotional, and social support, releases a new collection of Anxiety resources, to help individuals regain and maintain peace of mind in a nerve-wracking world.

Uncertainty, daily traumas, and inaccessible emotional support work together in America, to create unsustainable, runaway patterns of anxiety for over 20% of Americans. However, because anxiety’s signs and symptoms aren’t always common knowledge, anxious patterns may go unrecognized, leaving individuals to suffer.

Anxiety isn’t just worry and nervousness, nor is it just panic and crying. Anxiety can be a broad state of nervous system dysregulation, in which cause and effect are hard to untangle. Cognitive, emotional, social, and circumstantial factors play off one another, to create an individual’s unique experience of anxiety.

In a similar vein, taking action against anxiety doesn’t just mean using willpower or “snapping out of it.” Anxiety is never simply “mind over matter” or “all in one’s head.” On the contrary, there are resources, strategies, and techniques that acknowledge the broader context of one’s anxiety. This collection of articles curates such resources.

Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi explains why it’s important for anxiety-sufferers to overcome the stigma they feel:

“Many dismiss anxiety as a weakness–a lack of strength or a sign of impatience when things don’t go your way. However, these insults hide the fact that anxiety is a self-protective impulse. To honor that self-protection impulse, I hope people will try working with their anxiety, transforming it into helpful information rather than scary feelings.” 

On the topic of working with one’s anxiety, Supportiv CEO and Co-Founder, Helena Plater-Zyberk speaks to the need for this collection’s self-guided anxiety resources:

“Anxiety can be a strength–but, it must be managed so that it doesn’t cause unnecessary suffering. These articles aim to help anxiety-sufferers understand: it’s not your fault, but you’re also not powerless. Whether you’re ready to take action against anxiety, or just looking to understand your experience, these articles will be helpful companions.”

Supportiv’s new Anxiety resources provide discussion and strategies to help individuals feel less burdened by dread, worry, tension, overwhelm, and other features of anxiety. Topics in the collection include:

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