Emotions are unavoidable in the workplace. Supportiv’s new Work article collection helps you harness those feelings (yours or others’) for enhanced wellbeing and productivity.

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, unchecked emotions can complicate relationships and routines at work. Supportiv, the on-demand peer-to-peer emotional support service, releases a new collection of mental health resources to help understand and navigate emotional predicaments in the workplace.

From retail work to remote work, emotional turmoil can impact productivity, change how we connect with others, and even cloud judgment. If common emotional struggles in the workplace–like stress, procrastination, and burnout–are unaddressed, it becomes harder for us to respond to others’ needs with grace.

Supportiv CEO & Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk elaborates on this idea, sharing that “In the workplace, each individual’s emotions impact the team. That can make it appealing to stuff down your feelings. You don’t want to be judged or bring everyone else down. However, if you find ways to cope with and heal tough emotions, their negative impact, both personally and towards those around you, may exacerbate.”

Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi adds that “It can feel like acknowledging tough emotions will send you on a downward spiral. In reality, it’s the opposite. If we don’t acknowledge what we’re going through, we’re less likely to find solutions and more likely to act out without even realizing. At work, it’s especially important to notice our feelings, so that we can find ways to handle them.”

Whether you’re managing a coworker’s emotions or your own, Supportiv’s Work resources provide actionable steps to gently minimize emotional fallout in the workplace.Topics in the collection include:

Preventing Burnout In The People You Manage

When you’re a manger, it’s vital to recognize burnout, understand that it’s not sustainable, and take steps to counteract it in the people you manage.

Support An Employee Going Through Personal Hardship

A little support can go a long way to build rapport and minimize the impact of personal hardships in the workplace.

Mental Health Issues At Work When You’re The Manager

As a manager, you likely take steps to help others’ mental health at work. It has a huge impact. But what about your own emotional wellbeing?

How To Take A Colleague’s Anger Less Personally

A colleague’s short fuse can harm everyone at work. How can you take a coworker’s anger less personally and keep it from disrupting your job?

Connecting With A Coworker You Don’t Like

Clashing personalities don’t always have to hurt your work experience. So, how can you connect with the coworker who isn’t your cup of tea? 

Building Work Friendships While Working Remotely

Remote work can make us feel disconnected, which can hurt productivity and wellbeing. So how can you build work friendships, remotely?

What Does High Functioning Anxiety Look Like At Work?

What are some less obvious signs of high functioning anxiety at work? How can you tell if you have it, and what does that mean for you?

How To Mentally Prepare For A Performance Review

Being evaluated can easily feel nerve-wracking. So how can you mentally prepare for a performance review, keeping your emotions in check?

How To Be Proud Of Your Work Ethic Without Burning Out

When you thrive, you can help your team thrive. So how can you proudly show your work ethic and how much you care–without burning out?

Emotional Readiness To Work After A Vacation

Going back to work after time off can be surprisingly difficult. Next vacation, use these steps to ease your return to the daily grind.

Being An Authentic Email Communicator

Authentic email communication aids connection, understanding, and–in turn–things like loyalty and working together more effectively. 

How To Give Critical Feedback

Giving critical feedback doesn’t have to create conflict. Use this worksheet to frame your critique in a healthy and helpful way.

How To Take Negative Feedback Like A Champ

Nobody’s perfect, but that doesn’t make negative feedback easier to take. Here are some ways to embrace the helpful parts of others’ critiques, to grow into the best version of you yet.

How To Talk To Your Boss About Your Mental Health Needs

Whether you live with a mental health condition or are going through a rough life event, it sometimes becomes necessary to discuss your needs at work. When and how can you open up this conversation?

Stop Procrastination Before It Stops You

If we know what we have to do, how come it is so hard to do it? And how can we stop procrastinating before it harms us and those around us?

How To Calm Your Frustration With A Colleague, Customer, Or Boss

Try any of these tips to calm your frustration in the moment, so that you can remain professional and in-control.

How To Apologize Effectively

Use these 5 steps for how to apologize (plus examples), in order to build a complete apology that covers your emotional bases.

How To Stop Nitpicking Others (And Why It Matters For Your Health)

Nitpicking can have negative effects on both you and the other people in your life. Where does this habit come from, and how can you stop?

Enlist Others as an Anti-Procrastination Tactic: Body Doubling

“Body doubling” might sound strange, but it’s a simple technique where you use the presence of someone else to help you focus. Why can body doubling help procrastination, and how does it work? Get the low-down here.

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