NYC Well, the city of New York’s official mental health hub, has included Supportiv in their list of resources available to New Yorkers and healthcare workers, in order to maintain their mental and emotional wellbeing.

The city of New York has been under intense duress since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s been hard for regular people to feel safe wherever they go. And as nurses, doctors, technicians, and other medical staff continue to sacrifice and push beyond their limits, the mental health burden on them is becoming untenable. So NYC Well created a list to direct impacted folks and healthcare workers to resources that can help.

Supportiv offers an outlet for the frustration, stress, grief, and overwhelm the pandemic causes everyday. Regularly talking through difficult emotions, rather than stuffing them down, has been shown to prevent major mental health crises. On the individual level, many can relate to the feeling of being close to the breaking point during the pandemic. Supportiv can help defuse the overwhelm and make it easier to get by. It always helps to talk.

The peer support chats are 100% anonymous, and accessible 24/7. For everyone, the first 24 hours are free, and healthcare workers can find more information on free access for the duration of the pandemic here.

The rest of NYC Well’s resource recommendations can be found here.