Speaking at the annual Ai4 Healthcare Conference, Supportiv co-founder Pouria Mojabi delved into how Supportiv applies AI to help people feel heard, understood, and connected.

Data scientists, AI engineers, investors, and medical doctors convened at Ai4 Healthcare 2019, to share and learn about cutting edge applications of AI in the healthcare field.

At a presentation before the 400+ attendees, Pouria Mojabi, Supportiv co-founder explained how Supportiv uses AI-driven NLP to create a precision peer support experience.

This precision peer support involves matching people to others going through similar struggles, and recommending helpful resources from right within the anonymous chat.

In this setting, people feel safe enough to be their vulnerable, authentic selves, and they leave the chat with tools specific to their particular problems.

In Pouria’s words, “loneliness, stress and worry – that’s the daily life struggle of being a human in 2019.” But for those letting it out at Supportiv’s AI-powered peer support network, that doesn’t have to be the case.