The San Francisco Business Times has interviewed Supportiv co-founder Helena Plater-Zyberk, as part of a feature on digital (mental) healthcare companies helping meet healthworkers’ unmet needs.

Supportiv saw a 340% increase in users as the Coronavirus outbreak began, illustrating the dramatic magnification of emotional difficulties at this time:

“Since the first appearance of COVID-19 struggles, Supportiv has connected individuals to over 21,000 instances of personalized content (audio, video, articles, inspirational quotes) and resources. Each individual leaves the platform with an average of three relevant and practical self-help tips to alleviate their specific emotional burden.”

When the company realized how severely healthcare workers were being impacted, they announced they’d be waiving all costs for nurses, doctors, technicians, and other health staff, for the duration of the pandemic. In order to offset the trauma our world’s health workers face, they need more than care packages and 8pm applauses.

More information on companies responding to health workers’ dire straights can be found in the full SF Business Times article, here.