Supportiv has been selected to collaborate with AWS, in their 2023 initiative to support the global healthcare workforce through technology and innovation.

The AWS 2023 Healthcare Global Cohort for Workforce includes 10 US companies, out of a total 23 global organizations. This project in collaboration with AWS is intended to “scale high potential startups focusing on healthcare customers’ most urgent challenge: training, retaining, and deploying their healthcare workforce.”

Amid the realities of provider shortages and a healthcare worker mass exodus, those left in the field are exponentially taxed. As AWS puts it, “Supporting and protecting the healthcare workforce is an essential investment in the continuity of health services.”

Representatives of cohort organizations at ViVe 2023

To address rampant burnout in the healthcare field, hospital systems are beginning to turn to innovative mental health and wellbeing solutions.

Supportiv is one such solution that appeals to healthcare workers’ unique occupational and emotional struggles. We are grateful for AWS’ teamwork as we race to meet accelerating demand for Conversational Care

Research supports healthcare workers’ need for occupational commiseration. Supportiv provides such mutual understanding in an anonymous format, on-demand – matching healthcare workers to the best available peers for their situation. The service also possesses the flexibility to support regular daily life struggles. Healthcare workers have home lives too, and struggles there can also contribute to burnout.

By offering 24/7 online peer-to-peer support, without an appointment, Supportiv goes above and beyond traditional options, to help address healthcare worker burnout in the moment – before smoldering issues turn into a full burn.

Supportiv will use AWS service offerings to meet accelerating demand for its successful mission of “helping the helpers,” providing on-demand mental, emotional, and social support to those who need it most.

Supportiv is excited to collaborate with AWS, in order to meet more healthcare workers where they are, when they need it, and to support healthcare worker deployment and retention. We look forward to updating you on this collaborative effort!

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