August 06, 2020 Supportiv Announces Psych Hub Partnership

Together with Psych Hub, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership, supporting widespread access to helpful, high-quality mental health information. Psych Hub Partners are “organizations that have committed to... »

September 10, 2019 Anonymous Online Chatting: First 24 Hours Free

Looking for a place to anonymously talk to strangers, judgement free? Online chatting doesn’t have to be a troll-filled free-for-all. Online chatting can have a lot of benefits that... »

August 15, 2019 Supportiv Shares Easy Coping Tools Collection

Supportiv’s new article collection is full of Coping Tools to use when the going gets rough. Helena Plater-Zyberk, Supportiv Co-Founder, notes the impact of self-help on mental wellness:... »

June 05, 2019 Why Peer Support? Ask Our Users

Thinking about seeking peer support, but not sure if it’s worth it? Below, read some reasons why to use an anonymous peer support group, from our 250k+ users... »

March 22, 2019 Tips On Dealing With Rejection

Rejection is inevitable. From dating and relationships to academic clubs and work aspirations, we are at its mercy. I AM & CO cites our Supportiv co-founder’s tips... »

November 21, 2018 What Exactly *IS* A Community?

You might have a Facebook, an Instagram, or a Snapchat. Maybe you even have group chats, group snaps, and group video kickbacks. That’s amazing! Have you ever wondered,... »

November 13, 2018 Combatting College Stress With Supportiv

Being a college student means constantly being stressed out over classes, family, finances, and anything else you can think of. Supportiv offers an outlet for all of... »

October 16, 2018 Ever Feel Stuck?

Sometimes it may feel impossible to figure out what to do. A new hurdle in your life may have cropped up, or you may be dealing with a... »

October 01, 2018 Using Supportiv To Mend The Social Fabric

We live in a world where we communicate predominantly via social media; feel increasingly disconnected from our friends, neighbors, and colleagues; and find it’s risky to... »

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