Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!

With depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles, it’s important to celebrate the little things — even the very little things.

You’ve been working hard on feeling good, and staying mentally and physically healthy. So this seems like a wholesome break to take.

There are so many ways to celebrate, but we took our inspiration from meme culture. Here are our 4 steps to have an amazing pizza holiday — for your mental health, of course.

1) Decide you’re gonna live your best life today. Believe in yourself.

2) Get yourself a friend to keep your pizza warm.

3) Realize how good pizza is for your mental health.

4) Do future You a favor – meal prep your leftovers!

5) On National Cheese Pizza Day, the most important thing is to… Treat Yo’ Self!

When you’ve been fighting to keep both mentally and physically healthy, your willpower needs a little break. Today, on National Cheese Pizza Day, enjoy!

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