Don’t know where to start in your battle against depression? Twitter is here to save the day.

The internet is currently spewing real-life suggestions on how to cope with and overcome depression, thanks to the viral Twitter tag: #HowIFightDepression.

So we compiled the best ideas from the flood of good, bad, and funny tips. Below, get ideas from people going through exactly what you are.

Reality check — depression lies to you:

Depression is a marathon – or maybe a triathlon… but definitely not a sprint:

Sometimes acceptance is the only way to feel ok:

Courage is fighting slowly but surely:

It’s ok to need a little extra help:

Make your world a place you want to live in, so you can accept the rest:

When depression hits, hit back:

Distraction can help when depression gets unbearable:

Talk about it and help others:

Again, distraction might be your BFF:

And finally — always remember, even with depression, you have worth!

In all seriousness, we think the best way to fight depression is by just relating to each other as human beings. Once we feel accepted in a nonjudgemental place, it’s a lot easier to start healing.

Got thoughts? Talk to someone who can relate, right now.