In a blog piece entitled “What Insurers Can Do Right Now to Inspire Trust and Connect With Customers,” Salesforce mentions Supportiv as a way to “set employees up for success.”

COVID-19 has thrown the world into tumult, perhaps for good, leaving insurers scrambling to prevent crisis across covered populations. Likewise, the mental health impact of the pandemic is leading to higher utilization of mental health services — and insurers would do well to address this “stress and disruption” in a preventative manner:

“Moving from an office to a work-from-home environment can be disruptive and stressful. Provide collaboration tools to help replace day-to-day interactions, as well as tools for dealing with stress and disruption . . . Some companies have begun sending periodic surveys to employees to gauge mental health. Others have connected their teams with online support tools like Supportiv and Lyra Health.”

Find the full article here, and to learn more about Supportiv’s enterprise options, see our pricing page, here.