Over 85% of the world’s adults struggle with motivation — to take initiative, to work towards goals, or even just to get out of bed in the morning. How can individuals move from fatigue and burnout to energy and motivation?

For those struggling to motivate themselves, in a position to help others take action, or both, Supportiv’s new Motivation articles are helpful guides for the journey from burnout to motivation.

Fatigue, burnout, illness, and other causes of low energy and initiative can steal a person’s sense of hope. Without the inclination to take action, it’s hard to believe anything can or will ever change. That’s why motivation is a cornerstone of mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that drains motivation in many different ways.

Supportiv CEO Helena Plater-Zyberk explains: “Events like pandemics create a sense that you don’t have agency over what happens in your own life. Constant stimulation and demands on our time drain our energy and creativity, and our attention spans have been battered by social media. When society’s lack of personal human connection keeps us from recharging enough, it’s no wonder that most people struggle with motivation in some way or another.”

Despite the external factors contributing to global demotivation, there are ways to take action as an individual to re-energize yourself.

Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi speaks to the wellbeing effects of motivating oneself: “A lack of motivation blocks you from fulfilling your potential. The frustration of feeling ‘stuck’ can touch every part of your life: work, family, relationships, friendships, personal growth, coping, and healing. However, we often have more control over our own initiative than we believe. This collection of articles can help readers catalyze themselves, overcoming apathy or lethargy.”

Supportiv’s new Motivation article collection covers topics such as:

Don’t Care About Anything? Enjoy Life Again

Do you feel like “I don’t care about anything,’’ because you don’t enjoy things anymore? There’s a name for it (anhedonia) and a way to help.

Do This To Get Yourself Out Of The House

Getting out of the house almost always makes depression and anxiety feel better. Do this to make yourself leave, right now.

Spark Action On A Daunting Task

Don’t let a daunting task get you stuck. Get a realistic idea of what exactly has to be done, then spark action by taking the pressure off.

Get Out Of A Rut

Change can seem impossible within the status quo. So, to create a change and get out of a rut, work backwards from the future you want.

Re-Balance Yourself With A Life Inventory

A life inventory can help you take stock of your priorities and redistribute your time and energy. Feel less drained and more content.

How To Be Proud Of Your Work Ethic Without Burning Out

When you thrive, you can help your team thrive. So how can you proudly show your work ethic and how much you care–without burning out?

Stop Procrastination Before It Stops You

If we know what we have to do, how come it is so hard to do it? And how can we stop procrastinating before it harms us and those around us?

Emotional Readiness To Work After A Vacation

Going back to work after time off can be surprisingly difficult. Next vacation, use these steps to ease your return to the daily grind.

Rediscover Your Passions Post-Retirement

How can you invest your freed up attention into emotional fulfillment? One strategy is to rediscover old passions post-retirement.

Self Limiting Beliefs: Unravel Them Before They Unravel You

Whether in regard to appearance, skills, opportunities, aspirations, or reputation, negative self talk can turn into self-limiting beliefs.

Feeling Directionless? Why It Happens and How To Move On

Most of us grow up believing we need to have our lives “figured out” and stick to a plan. Feeling directionless can feel like a sin.

What Am I Going To Do? Ways To Keep Moving Forward

So you’re stuck wondering: “What am I going to do?” Get tips on moving forward, figuring things out, and finding your happiness.

Bite-Sized Burnout Prevention Measures

Consider which factors contribute to burnout in the first place. Then we’ll cover bite-sized ways to block these roots of burnout.

Choosing To Change Unhealthy Habits

Unhealthy habits make our lives harder than they need to be–but they’re so hard to quit. How can you choose to make a change?

Find inspiration to cultivate motivation, in the full set of motivation articles at https://www.supportiv.com/motivation.