Feeling stuck in a rut often starts with worry. When you imagine the future you want, but can’t imagine how to get there, worry sets in. Worry keeps you fixated on the existence of hurdles, instead of on how to jump them.

Of course change seems impossible if you expect it to happen within the status quo. To create a change and get out of a rut, work backwards from the future you want.

Who can this worksheet help?

This worksheet is good for people who have experienced:

  • Depression
  • Overwhelm
  • Loss
  • Relationship struggles
  • Heartbreak
  • Burnout
  • Loneliness
  • Financial anxiety
  • Work stress
  • Anhedonia or loss of enjoyment in life

Need motivation to get out of a rut?

“What is your reason for rising from this rut? Who or what was your motivation for reading this article? There’s something driving you to not stay stuck. There are some people who are counting on you or some mission that’s bigger than you that provide a clear purpose for everything you do.” – Kristina Voegele

“Life can feel like a sunk cost fallacy: we get in a rut, and think we’ve paid our dues in this rut and so in this rut we must remain. But every day is a new start. A day to build wings and escape.” – Chuck Wendig

Get yourself un-stuck

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