Nobody doubts that mental health is impacted by the seasons. But can you use the changing seasons to your advantage, rather than just weathering the storm of seasonal depression?

According to Z. Colette Edwards, known as “The Insight Doctor,” we’re more in-touch with certain emotions and emotional activities depending on the time of year: “When one looks across many cultures and healing traditions, a common theme emerges: the benefit of being in the flow of the seasons and nature’s cycles.” 

Each season lends itself to different moods and priorities. If you plan around these trends (using this worksheet), your wellbeing may stay more stable through the changing seasons. And you will always have something to look forward to.

Who can this mental health seasons worksheet help, and how?

This worksheet is good for people who have experienced:

  • SAD
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Dissociation or zoning out
  • Anhedonia or loss of enjoyment in life

How can this worksheet help?

As Dr. Edwards puts it, this worksheet can help you “think of life as a journey filled with positive emotions and challenges no matter the season of life you’re in. Look to different strategies and exercises to find happiness every season.”

Need motivation to manage your mental health with the seasons? 

“I want to encourage you to lean into the changes that come with your new season. It can be tempting to reach back for what used to be, but the NEW YOU can only emerge when you step out of the shadows of what has been!” – Bahati Hilda Sabiti

“The essential skill of being human is recognising and embracing the natural flow and cycles that we experience and that are around us.” – Pantarei Approach

Get excited for every season of the year

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