VeryWell Mind has highlighted Supportiv as a top online peer support option, unmatched in its 24/7 online availability.

In its roundup on the “Best Online Peer Counseling” VeryWell Mind summarizes the value of Supportiv’s 24/7, on-demand peer support chats:

“The company custom-matches you with people who want to talk about the same types of struggles or concerns as you do, with precision. Moderators are always present and will recommend resources that relate to your specific need without any fluff, ads, or spamming.

Beyond supportive chat rooms matched to your needs, you will find a wealth of resources on Supportiv that trained psychology-student moderators will offer based on your specific needs, or you can browse them yourself. Some organizations and employers cover Supportiv as a benefit, but if not, you can access it for $15 per day.”

Other highlights to Supportiv’s peer to peer support network?

  • Users stay 100% anonymous, chats are always moderated for safety and productivity.
  • Wait times are some of the lowest in the entire digital mental health space–less than a minute!
  • Supportiv’s large user pool (over 1.2 million users served to date), combined with precision-matching into groups, ensures that users chat with the most helpful set of peers possible, no matter what the struggle.
  • Supportiv does not run ads, never compromises your identity, and will not try to sell you a plan for any other services.

Learn more about Supportiv’s Conversational Care™ mission, or read real Supportiv user reviews to see why it’s a beloved option for peer-to-peer support.