Thinking about seeking peer support, but not sure if it’s worth it? Below, read some reasons why to use an anonymous peer support group at Supportiv, from our over 1.1 million users — your peers.

“Made me realize I was probably just overthinking and that I need to invest in things that make me happy rather than dwell on past events.”

“They understood, when no one else would. Gave me confidence. Also reminded me that tomorrow is a new day.”

“Everyone is respectful, we need more people in the world like this… “

“My group was very helpful, they gave me ideas for the situation I’m in, plus providing articles on stress to help me feel relief.”

“Good to get to offload. Good to get the thoughts and experiences of other people.”

“The person i talked to helped calm me down and make me realize the reality on how to deal with what was going on :)”

“The people that are chatting with me about my thoughts feel like my guardian angels. It feels so good to not just keep it in my head. Thank you for creating this.”

Supportiv is tailored to make you feel safe, understood, and in control of your own situation (as much as possible). You choose when you enter and exit, with zero guilt. You feel connected and supported, without fear of judgement. And you get the benefits of a support system when you would like to feel a dose of care and belonging.

If you’re still not sure about peer support, consider reading more Supportiv user testimonials. Or, try having your first judgement-free, professionally moderated support chat. Start with “Chat Now.” We’re here for you 24/7.