Supportiv, the pioneer in Conversational Care™ and Precision Peer Support™, releases a new collection of divorce articles, helping individuals to support themselves and their families, keep composed, and look ahead despite divorce’s difficulty.

Divorce impacts many facets of mental health and can disrupt wellbeing. Whether you are in the process of divorcing or considering it, and are on the initiating or receiving end, divorce shifts the goalposts in your life, confuses your priorities and coping mechanisms, and creates new demands. Supportiv’s newly published Divorce article collection speaks to the various ways mental health and divorce interact, and provides strategy to “keep it together” when a marriage falls apart.

The divorce process instigates major emotional adjustments–even for those who welcome the divorce itself. Through all of this, children and extended family may have their own feelings to voice, and divorcing individuals find themselves managing many others’ emotions in addition to their own.

Supportiv CEO and Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk speaks to the need for targeted resources in any stage of the divorce process: “The up-ending of one’s marriage requires recalibration and planning for a new future. These new resources aim to capture various contexts in which divorce creates emotional challenges, and provide the tools that can calm feelings of overwhelm.” 

Elaborating on why individuals shouldn’t have to go through divorce without support, Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi continues: “For those going through divorce, the path forward can feel dreadfully unclear. You might yearn for things to go back to ‘normal,’ but your status quo is gone. Coping through divorce involves defining and adjusting to a new normal–no small task.”

Supportiv’s new divorce resources provide reassurance, inspiration, and options for those considering or actively in the process of divorce. Topics in the collection include:

Virtual Infidelity And Emotional Cheating: Grounds For Divorce?

Not everyone will agree whether emotional cheating is grounds for divorce. The concept of virtual infidelity highlights this issue. What should you know about making a decision and moving forward?

When You Have A Cheating Spouse, What Can You (Realistically) Do?

Here are some realistic ways to take action when you discover your spouse is cheating. Divorce is an option, but not the only thing you can do.

Is It Worth Getting Divorced Later In Life?

If you find yourself asking whether it’s worth it to get divorced later in life (to have a “gray divorce”), here’s how to navigate your reasonable reservations and the challenges you anticipate in the process.

How To Tell Your Spouse You Want A Divorce

If you are sure that you really do want a divorce, how can you break the news to your spouse while surviving the anxiety? What can you do to prepare, and what can you actually say?

Divorcing A Narcissist: Daunting But Possible

What’s the reality of divorcing a narcissist? How have other people done it? Could it be possible for you to get through the conflict? It’s worth looking at the evidence. Your freedom is worth it.

Heartbreak: How To Heal After A Long Term Relationship

How can you mend a broken heart after a long term relationship? Have faith, be patient, and get familiar with the process ahead.

Grieving The Loss Of Someone Who Is Still Alive

In cases like divorce, your grief can be just as deep as mourning an actual death. So how can you get through this mourning period, especially when others struggle to understand the magnitude of your pain?

Surviving The Holidays With Divorced Parents

Though this article won’t tell you which side of the family to spend the holidays with, it provides tips on asserting healthy boundaries, even to your parents, and adapting to changes in your family.

John Mulaney Models Healing From Divorce With Self Compassion

It’s powerful when a public figure opens up about how they’ve handled personal decisions and difficult experiences–as John Mulaney has done in the wake of his divorce.

Divorce Worksheets For Coping And Moving Forward

These divorce worksheets can help you sort through difficult feelings, reassess relationships, and preserve your needs while divorcing or separating.

Find tools to help yourself adjust and strategize in the new collection of mental health Divorce resources. Or, try out Supportiv’s peer-to-peer support chats, available 24/7/365, with no appointments, and find connection is less than a minute.