For people going through divorce, the path forward isn’t so clear-cut. Strong emotions can blur your thought processes, and coping with a divorce requires you to rethink where you are and where you’re going.

However, divorce is also a chance to make sure the next chapter of your life is one that really fits you. The process can make you value your support system more than ever before. Divorce has the potential to be an eye-opening do-over, even if there’s a cost to that do-over.

These divorce worksheets can help you sort through difficult feelings, reassess relationships, and preserve your needs while divorcing.

Each link takes you to a page where you can download a PDF version of the worksheet.

Process your grief

Grief usually occurs alongside divorce. Even if you’re the one who initiated the proceedings, this is a major life change that may cause unexpected emotion. Use this worksheet to feel less overwhelmed by the flood of emotions, by acknowledging each feeling on its own: anger, resentment, regret, acceptance, appreciation, and hope.

Balance your needs with outside expectations

Fending off guilt and overwhelm may help you cope through your divorce.

This worksheet helps you outline the expectations you feel weighing on you–what’s expected, by whom, and why. You’ll be asked what makes you feel this expectation, and how complying might require a sacrifice to your wellbeing.

Then, the worksheet guides you to find a compromise solution between your wellbeing and others’ expectations.

How can you solidify your healthiest relationships?

Especially during the divorce process, you’ll want to lean on the people who are healthiest and most supportive. How can you nurture those relationships, in order to create a robust support system for yourself?

How would you like your relationships to feel?

This worksheet helps you think of the ideal qualities that would make you feel good in a relationship. Going forward after a divorce, you may benefit from a strong idea of what you want in future relationships.

When you don’t have the energy to fill out a divorce worksheet?

Supportiv chats are designed to help motivate you and find next steps forward. Chatting with peers and a trained moderator may help at times when self-directing feels too hard. You’re dealing with enough already, so we’re here to lighten your load.