With workforce and labor shortages from retail to medical to mental healthcare fields, burnout is now a more pressing problem for society than ever. In response, Supportiv, the pioneer in Conversational Care™ and Precision Peer Support™, publishes a new collection of resources to help regular people support themselves and others in the battle against burnout.

Burnout is an understandable response to external problems and pressures. It’s not the individual’s fault, and a person can’t just think themselves out of it. However, taking proactive action against burnout can help individuals feel better both at work and in personal life.

Supportiv’s new burnout resources are companions for the burnout journey, so you can start to feel ‘yourself’ again as quickly as possible. Topics in the collection include:

Why Self Care Doesn’t Solve Burnout

Anyone can benefit from self-care. However, self-care isn’t a real solution for burnout, and shouldn’t be endorsed as such. Why not?

Why “Resilience” Can Feel Like A Dirty Word

If someone expresses to you that they are struggling, responding with talk about “resilience” can cause harm–even if you mean well. Why? And what can you do instead?

Is My Emptiness Because Of Burnout?

A sense of emptiness doesn’t always stem from depression or other mental health struggles. If you’re feeling empty, it’s possible that the feeling might be the result of burnout.

Bite-Sized Burnout Prevention Measures

The prevention of burnout is about being proactive. So how can you take small measures on a daily basis to prevent burnout symptoms from escalating?

Hustle Culture’s Emotional Grip On Black, Indigenous, And Other POC

Hustle culture offers an alluring way around prejudice, but the grind can cause burnout and other struggles. Reframe your outlook on success.

When You Want To Collapse, Lean Into It

This exercise, inspired by Somatic Experiencing therapy, helps you move past the impulse to collapse–by embracing and mindfully examining it.

Re-Balance Yourself With A Life Inventory

Do you spend adequate time on the things that reward you most? Or, like most adult humans, do you sometimes dedicate extra energy to activities that zap your lifeforce? A life inventory can help you take stock of and rebalance your priorities.

Am I Burned Out, Exhausted, Or Tired Of Life?

It’s possible that burnout symptoms can be caused by depression and feeling tired of life, rather than just being ground down by your job.

Preventing Burnout In The People You Manage

When you’re a manager, it’s vital to recognize burnout, understand that it’s not sustainable, and take steps to counteract it in the people you manage.

Pandemic Burnout: Why It’s Not Going Away And What To Do About It

The succession of pandemic burnout, hope for a post-pandemic era, and renewed fears have created wellbeing-whiplash.

How To Be Proud Of Your Work Ethic Without Burning Out

When you thrive, you can help your team thrive. So how can you proudly show your work ethic and how much you care–without burning out?

How To Help Others Without Draining Your Batteries

Helping others when they need us is admirable. Coming to someone else’s aid also tends to make us feel good. However, especially when it involves emotional struggles, it can be easy to burn ourselves out as we help others.

Thinking of Pulling An All Nighter? There’s A Better Way

Losing sleep over work? Thinking an all nighter might be in your cards? Learn why staying up late decreases success in the long run (according to research!) and how to prioritize sleep for your mental health and productivity.

Caregiver Burnout: Avoid It, Or, Rise From The Ashes

Caregiver burnout is real. But even if you’re already charred, hope remains. The concept of a phoenix exists for a reason!

Burnout resources at Supportiv

Supportiv CEO and Co-Founder Helena Plater-Zyberk gives context for why burnout is such a pressing matter: “Burnout has besieged our nation. The US tends to approach mental health struggles in a reactionary way. The problem with giving only reactionary attention to burnout? Research shows that it can take up to five years to fully recover. When wait until reaching a crisis of exhaustion and low motivation, even your best healing efforts will take a while to show results.”

Supportiv Co-Founder Pouria Mojabi elaborates: “There are ways to soften the impact of burnout on your life satisfaction and productivity before you’ve fully healed. Supportiv’s new articles are chock-full of these strategies. But the burnout recovery process requires immense patience and perseverance.”

Find ideas for preventing and grappling with burnout in the burnout article collection, view the full press release, learn more about digital peer support, or check out real user testimonials for Supportiv.