Healthy relationships should put you at ease.

Of course, nobody is perfect, and few people will display all healthy relationship qualities at once. However, this checklist can give you an idea of which relationships in your life are the most healthy and rewarding.

Who can this healthy relationships worksheet help, and how?

This worksheet is good for people who have experienced:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship struggles
  • Communication issues
  • Gaslighting
  • Abandonment
  • Boundary issues
  • Abuse
  • Narcissism
  • Social anxiety

This worksheet helps you reflect on your closest relationships, considering the following traits of healthy connections:

  1. They are realistic and practical; they don’t have a problem accepting uncomfortable truths.
  2. They use both their thinking and feeling brain.
  3. They are reliable and/or consistent; you know what to expect from them.
  4. They give the benefit of the doubt and don’t take things too personally.
  5. They respect your needs and rights (meaning: they have good boundaries).
  6. They give about as much as they take.
  7. They easily compromise.
  8. They are open-minded toward your ideas, recommendations, and preferences.
  9. They tell the truth.
  10. They apologize when appropriate.
  11. They readily empathize with you.
  12. They both give and accept comfort.
  13. They look for ways to improve their actions and relationships.
  14. They see you for who you are.
  15. They make you have a good time.

Need motivation?

“When a relationship starts to feel wrong take inventory. Listen to your gut. It’ll save later heartbreak.” – Jean Lowd

“I take stock of my relationships, and I’m honest about what I want and need from the people in my life.” – Give Yourself Reverence

“normalize being in positive, healthy relationships with people who prioritize your happiness/mental health” – Optimist In Her Prime

“Take stock of your relationships. Ask yourself if they’re good. Get out if you need to.” – Aviv Or

“Never be afraid to take a step back, evaluate yourself, your choices, your goals, and your relationships as it pertains to your being and joy.” – John Cena

How healthy are your closest relationships?

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