We all know there are plenty of online chat rooms. But not all online chat rooms are consciously designed to help you walk away feeling better than you did before. And not all chat websites protect your identity (in fact, many chatrooms sell whatever personal info you provide).

In Supportiv’s anonymous peer support chats, you’ll find a step up on the usual experience of chatting online. Moderators and resources are vetted for helpfulness, so you can trust that you’re making the most of your time in the chat. And here, your data is always anonymous and protected.

Here, you can chat online to vent, get others’ opinions, or find proof that others feel the way you do. It’s quick to find help with any struggle – without judgement, because it’s a fully anonymous chat.

What makes Supportiv’s online chat safe and helpful?

Your identity is kept 100% anonymous. No identifying information is allowed in the chats, and Supportiv never sells or shares your personal data.

The trained moderator helps keep things productive – and removes trolls immediately.

Personalized resources are shared during and after each chat. No need to dig through Google to find something useful. You’ll get just the most relevant tools, articles, videos, and referrals for what’s been on your mind.

Many services for mental health support promise 24/7 availability. But sometimes that means you can submit a form at any time of day, or make a post–not that you’ll actually talk to someone in the moment.

At Supportiv, you can talk to someone instantly, at any time of day. Below, find information on getting help for any struggle in an online chat, even if it’s 2 or 3 in the morning.

We’re here for you. Click “Try A Chat” to start.

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Who is this anonymous online chat for?

  • Having a relationship problem?
  • Someone making your life miserable?
  • Can’t stop feeling down?
  • Experiencing caregiver stress?
  • Carrying the burden of chronic pain or disability?
  • Adjusting to parenting struggles?
  • Unsure of how to communicate at work?
  • Or just feeling a little lonely?

We’re here for you. You can chat about any of these topics, and more, whenever the urge strikes.

Who will I chat online with?

Supportiv’s anonymous chat rooms are custom-created for your struggle in the moment. You are matched with peers who are also online, based on just a few words about what’s going on.

Whatever you want to talk about, the AI behind the scenes connects you to the people who will understand you best. Supportiv has served over 1 million users to date – with so many users, you can count on precision matching into the best chat room for you.

In each chat, there is a trained moderator, who keeps the conversation safe and productive. If nobody is experiencing your exact struggle at the moment, you may temporarily have a 1:1 chat with the moderator.

How to use online chat rooms to get answers

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First, type in what’s on your mind

This part can be overwhelming in most online chat rooms. You might not know how to start, or where exactly to post your questions.

However, if you go to a smart online chat like Supportiv, all you do is hit “Try A Chat,” enter your biggest concerns, and “Get Matched.” The rest is set up for you in less than a minute.


You can type in a question for others, explain that your parent is annoying you, or share your friendship concerns. Or use the “Get help” button for a list of topics as a guide.

Whatever you want to talk about, put it here. Then click “Get Matched.”

After you type in your thoughts and hit continue, you’ll be asked to enter a username. Then, you’ll get matched with people who want to talk about the same things.

Then, get a feel for the chatroom

There might just be one other person there: the moderator. If that’s the case, they can help you work through the situation and decide what to do next. They’ll help you sort out your own thoughts and give you some insight.

If there are multiple people in the online chat room, you’ll have even more opportunities to get peer advice from people in your boat or coming from a helpful perspective. Moderators are not allowed to give advice, but are great at helping you figure out the best path forward!

At the top of the chat, you’ll see a bar with circles. Those are each of the people in the room. Click the circles to see other peoples’ thoughts and why they’re here.

Try to figure out who you can ask for opinions, or even just sit back and make observations from what they’re talking about. The conversation usually goes in a direction that’s helpful for everyone there.

Feel helped and listened to

Once you’re comfortably in the chat, elaborate on your initial thought. You can give details about your problem, ask the opinions of everyone in the chat room, learn if anyone has experienced something similar.

Aside from the helpful answers you get from other users, the moderator can share helpful resources from right within the chat.

Why use anonymous online peer support chats for answers?


See more Supportiv user feedback here.

1. Get the other side’s view, quickly and easily

Take the example of relationship problems — always wanted to know what other girls think about your girlfriend’s weird bathroom habits? Want to settle a debate with your boyfriend about whether his text was rude or not?

In an online chat like Supportiv’s, you can easily talk to guys about your girl problems, or talk to girls about your guy problems.

They won’t know who you are, so you don’t have to worry about how you phrase it or how awkward your question is. And you know you’re in a place with people who want to talk about what you do — so no judgement there.

You can give examples of your partner’s behavior to see if you’re overreacting, and unlike in static chat rooms, it’s a real conversation — you can clarify, go back and forth, and make sure you’re getting the full picture.

2. Get a boost from giving your opinion

Anonymous chat rooms also give you an opportunity to feel helpful. Others in the chat will want your opinion on their problems. And, after helping someone else, you’ll feel more prepared to tackle your own struggle.

The best, most authentic answers come from people who have gone through similar struggles. And the real truth always comes out in an anonymous place. That’s why we believe anonymous peer support is one of the best ways to get help for whatever you’re going through.

3. Get support, ASAP and 100% anonymously

The convenience factor of the online chat, available 24/7, means you can get support in the moment when you need it. We’re here when you just want to talk to someone NOW. Whenever “now” is, even at 2am.

Joining a Supportiv chat also gets you access to a library of curated resources and tools that may help with what you’re going through.

See for yourself, by clicking “Try A Chat” and following the quick steps. Supportiv’s online chat rooms have already helped almost 2 million people find answers to their questions and walk away with one-of-a-kind insights.

“I appreciate the support this chatroom provided and how accepting and open they were.

Allowed me to share my heart and feelings. 

I need people like this in my life and I found them here.”