Need To Vent Anonymously? Let It Out And Feel Heard

Need to vent? In an anonymous, troll-free place? Imagine easily getting stuff off your chest, before it starts digging into your chest.

Why Vent Here?

Venting into a journal feels pointless. Venting on a forum opens you up to trolls and abuse. And venting to friends can make you feel like a burden.

At Supportiv, chats are 100% anonymous, troll-free, and actually helpful – our moderators are trained to hear you and help you feel supported.

So there is a place to vent anonymously, without fear. And there are NO BOTS ALLOWED!

Just wanna make loud noises and vent it all out…

We don’t know who you are – there’s no signup! And we never show ads on our site.

This is not your average open internet forum. Not a typical vent website. Supportiv has won SXSW®’s Pitch Competition for social and cultural impact, and has been mentioned around the country (Oprah, Entrepreneur, Health…) for being a place where anyone can vent anonymously.

We often forgo venting, but it helps so much. When you keep everything in, you become like a soda bottle, ready to burst at any slight issue.

Getting stuff out and venting maintains your mental health – before you fall into crisis.

So try letting off steam in a place where you get a refreshing dose of empathy, as well as helpful resource recommendations for what you’re going through.

This is a place to speak openly and without fear of judgement. Click “Chat Now” and enter a thought to see what we mean. Vent away!