Need To Vent Anonymously? Let It Out And Feel Heard

Need to vent? In an anonymous, troll-free place? Imagine easily getting stuff off your chest, before it starts digging into your chest.

Why Vent Here?

Venting into a journal can feel off-putting. Venting on a forum opens you up to trolls and abuse. And venting to friends sometimes makes you feel like a burden.

At Supportiv, chats are 100% anonymous, troll-free, and actually helpful. The chats’ moderators are trained to hear you and help you feel supported. Plus, you are connected with others who can relate using a sophisticated matching algorithm – you can trust that you’re venting with the right people.

So there is a place to vent anonymously, without fear. And there are no trolls or bots allowed!

Supportiv doesn’t know who you are. You choose your screen name for the group chat. And there are no ads on the Supportiv website.

This is not your average open internet forum. Not a typical vent website. Supportiv has won SXSW®’s Pitch Competition for social and cultural impact, and has been mentioned around the country (Oprah, Entrepreneur, Health…) for being a place where anyone can vent anonymously.

We often forgo venting, but it helps so much. When you keep everything in, you become like a soda bottle, ready to burst at any slight issue.

Indeed, getting stuff out and commiserating can help prevent a full-on crisis. Confiding in trusted others (aka venting productively with people who get it) has been shown to improve mental and even physical outcomes for a number of struggles. Peer support may channel the known benefits of confiding in safe peers for getting through difficult experiences.

So try letting off steam in a place where you get a refreshing dose of empathy, as well as helpful resource recommendations for what you’re going through.

This is a place to speak openly and without fear of judgement. Click “Chat Now” and enter a thought to see what we mean. Vent away!